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January 15, 2019
german flag and economy charts

The Largest Economy in Europe, Germany, Falls in to Unexpected Recession

The German industry shocked everyone as it plummeted by -1.9% in November Economists say Europe’s largest economy may enter a recession Production slumped to -4.6%, the worst since 2008 An unstable Germany could further affect fragile Italian and Greek markets Europe’s largest and strongest economy, Germany is potentially falling into recession as industrial production unexpectedly […]
January 14, 2019
currency exchange rate on digital LED display board

The G7 – A Week in Foreign Exchange

After the UK government lost a key Brexit Finance bill last week, the likelihood of a ‘no deal’ continues to decrease. It appears that, with her Commons vote on Tuesday (7 p.m.) and her comments over the weekend, Teresa May will be appealing to the ‘leavers’ in her party to either vote for a deal […]
January 12, 2019
US and China finance economic direction, trade war, import and export or world economy concept, compass on US dollar and china yuan banknotes, tariff deal situation.

Are the Effects of Trump’s Trade War Being Reflected in China’s Economic Data?

The last month has seen China publish numerous points of disappointing data figures, many of which have fallen behind estimate, all of these data releases point towards a slowing in appetite almost certainly due to the spiralling potential trade war with the US which although suspended remains far from resolved. Year on year Chinese industrial […]
January 9, 2019
Federal reserve system symbol on hundred dollar bill closeup macro shot

Fed Comments Welcome News to Global Stocks Markets as China Tensions Ease

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell appeared at an economic conference renege on his previous comments on the Fed’s balance sheet policy. Powell added context to the comment that its wind-down was on “autopilot” with the Federal reserve using aggressive interest rate policy to influence the US economy. The resulting comments gave rally to equity stocks and […]
January 4, 2019
Global economy, world financial markets concept. Abstract busine

Are December’s Weak US Consumer Confidence Figures the Start of a Global Economic Cooling?

Whilst most of Europe were recovering from overindulgence over the Christmas period the US was dealing with a different type of hangover. December the 27th marked the release of the US Conference Board consumer confidence figures which didn’t make for comfortable reading. The previous day had seen US stock markets rally at record levels, with […]
January 3, 2019
Young businessman using a virtual reality glasses while touching bitcoin symbol with number 2019 on the virtual screen

Financial, Economic and Cryptocurrency Trends to Watch for in 2019

Economists predict cooling of the U.S. economy Numerous recent predictions point to real GDP growth slowing from 2018’s peak of 3.1% to 2.4 % in 2019. Analysts from Goldman Sachs predict US year on year growth to be around 2.7% for consumer spending, Residential fixed investment at -1.3%, business fixed investment at 4.2% and 3.8% growth […]
December 29, 2018
Bitcoin digital money currency in year 2018

Cryptocurrency 2018 – a Year in Review

2018 was the year the pump dumped As a rule, if you were to measure each coin against itself like for like, you would be unpleasantly surprised at the drop. On Dec. 31, 2017, the top ten market capitalizations and the prices of each coin were vastly different than today. The top five coins were […]
December 27, 2018
Santa Claus rally

What Is a Santa Claus Rally? It Doesn’t Matter Because It’s Probably Not Happening

A Santa Claus rally is a history financial trend that explains increases in the stock market that occur in the last week of December through to the first two trading days in January. Since 1969 the Santa Claus rally has yielded a positive return in 34 of the past 44 holiday seasons with the average cumulative […]
December 24, 2018
The Bank of England in Threadneedle Street London

BOE Warns Again on Effects of a No Deal Outcome and Keeps Rates on Hold

Sterling slipped in Thursday’s Bank of England statement, this was despite better than anticipated retail sales and risk-averse investors taking a wider berth on the US Dollar following the very real possibility of a US government shutdown. Much of Sterling depreciation was due to the warning that Carney voiced against the increasing likelihood that the […]