Welcome to the Student Author of the Year Competition

Competition Guidelines

Welcome to the Forex News Shop author of the year competition! The competition was conceived to highlight the talents of some of the leading budding economists across the globe. Congratulations - although you haven’t won yet, your university clearly thinks you are talented to have put you forward!

Guidelines to enter the Forex News Shop's author of the year competition

  • All articles must not be plagiarised, and must all feature unique content
  • Each entrant must write five articles to be formally accepted into the competition
  • Applicants must be the second year or above economics students to be eligible
  • All content must have a word count of 700 or more to be accepted
  • Authors can add their private and or professional social media in order to showcase their talents, expertise; gain authority and create a portfolio of articles
  • We actively encourage people to voice opinion however divisive or inappropriate post will not be posted
  • Posts that actively entice readers or promise returns will not be accepted or published
  • Authors can also promote their content once posted on their own social media and will be made aware of its publication

What do you stand to win?

Although the purpose of the FNS author of the year competition is to showcase the talents of budding economists and to some degree promote your respective universities. We do have a decent prize to celebrate the winner’s achievements. This year the currency of choice is Amazon vouchers.

  • 1st prize will receive £500 or local currency equivalent in Amazon vouchers
  • 2nd prize will receive £250 or local currency equivalent in Amazon vouchers
  • 3rd prize will receive the latest Kindle
  • The competition will run until the end of April when the winner will be announced and congratulated via social media. If the recipient is located in the UK the prize will be presented at their university with the local press.

    Article themes or topic ideas

    • Latest forex market volatility and implications
    • Currency forecast and explanation behind your rationale (USD, JPY, EUR, GBP)
    • Sudden currency highs and the reasons for the currency pairs strength or weakness
    • Current implication political news that has been affecting FX markets (i.e. Brexit, trade tariffs and political uncertainty)
    • Links between other financial markets and recent currency movements
    • Currency wars – reason and explanation as to why nations weaken or strengthen their currencies
    • Integration and impact between banking, financial markets with blockchain and cryptocurrencies
    • Latest cryptocurrency market trends
    • ICOs and fledgling cryptocurrencies
    • Overviews of top market cap cryptocurrencies and predictions on their future
    • Volatility in cryptocurrency markets its causes and future forecasts
    • Cryptocurrency market selection, and reasons why you believe that they will appreciate
    • Best performing cryptocurrencies and the reasons behind their success

    Forex News Shop terms and conditions

    Before applying for the Forex News Shop student author of the year competition, please read our Terms & Conditions.

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