Andrey Mastykin

I have a master's degree in journalism. Since 2009, I have gained extensive experience in the financial markets. At the beginning of my trading career, I was a day trader. Currently, I am increasingly interested in the investment approach. In the past few years, I worked as a financial journalist, as well as an analyst in the field of Forex and Cryptocurrencies. I am interested in financial markets, behavioral economics, astrophysics and fiction.

September 29, 2019
Bitcoin coins and trading chart scene (3D Illustration)

How to Earn More Bitcoin Using One Powerful Chart

Many cryptocurrency investors remember well the altcoins’ boom in 2017. The most successful people then enjoyed the growth of their investments portfolio more than 10 times. Not surprisingly, due to the growing interest in the cryptocurrency market this year, many people are buying altcoins again. However, such investments are generally underperforming investment in Bitcoin. The […]