The Benefits of Using Foreign Exchange Providers When Purchasing Overseas

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Deliverable foreign exchange providers are essentially specialist in helping businesses and individuals process and manage their currency requirements in a proactive and measured way. They typically assist clients who are needing to transfer large amounts of currency to facilitate this in a competitive way and savings of anything up to 5% on the amount being sent can be anticipated.

Once registered with a foreign exchange company, clients will enjoy much better levels of guidance that are typically offered at retail banks. Often banks will only offer a day rate and large currency transactions will only be able to be booked over the counter at a local branch.

A specialist provider will be able to offer a much more in-depth view of the market, and importantly have a much greater knowledge of the markets and upcoming economic releases which could be either detrimental or beneficial to your transfer. Clients can also request to be contacted and kept abreast of any developments.

Foreign exchange transfer fees

Transfer fees from FX specialists can vary but are typically between £5-£10 however many companies offer the added bonus of offering their ad-hoc transfers for free meaning clients can enjoy drastically improved rates and reduced or no transfer fees. Banks charges tend to range from £10 to £30 for a higher priority transfer.

Banks vs FX company contract offering

Banks can also be very limited in their offering in particular to private clients FX needs. Many banks will have a telephone dealing service but will rarely offer the depth of Foreign exchange contracts and risk management tools that a specialist will be able to. These contract can be highly beneficial to companies with regular large international payments or clients who are for example purchasing a property overseas and have the time to benefit from rate movement.

If you are purchasing overseas in a foreign currency and would like to see if you could benefit from the guidance of a foreign exchange provider, please email

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