Work with trusted money transfer companies

Forex News Shop are proud to use their experience of the international money transfer market to offer their readership the very best companies, all of which have proven track records in the international money transfer market.

Whether you are an SME or a private client looking to seek the very best guidance for your upcoming transfer(s), we strongly feel that the teams we work with deliver value.

Clients’ security of funds

All of the international payments specialists Forex News Shop opt to collaborate with are stringently vetted. All have impressive balance sheets and benefits from segregated client funds, essentially ensuring their own working capital is kept separately from client funds. All client funds are also held with leading banks ensuring the very best levels of security and peace of mind.

As money services businesses, all of the companies Forex News Shop has teamed up with are fully authorised and regulated by the FCA and other jurisdictions such as FinCEN (US regulator) and ASIC (Australian regulator) where appropriate.

Online international money transfers

Many of Forex News Shop’s partners offer the freedom of trading via online platforms and apps, offering clients a quick and effortless way to make and keep track of their international money transfers. We would always advise seeking verbal assistance on larger transfers as our providers can often shed light on upcoming data which can affect rates.

In many cases, a swing in the market can mean your currency transfer goes further or potentially signal your need to consider making a transfer sooner rather than later.

Key benefits

– Great levels of service compared to banks
– Excellent rates of exchange
– No transfer fees
– The ability to offer a multitude of Foreign Exchange Contracts
– Fully regulated service
– Segregated accounts
– Transfer from as little as £2000
– Freedom to trade at your convenience online and via telephone

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