March 2, 2018
European parliament

Sterling FX Rates Rally as EU Parliament Seeks Better Mediation

The majority of Sterling FX rates progress was fuelled by comments from the EU parliament who have called for more convivial Brexit talks following this week's continued negotiations.
February 13, 2018
Brexit woes make pound sterling rates drop

Pound Sterling Roller-Coaster Continues as Upbeat BOE Is Offset by Brexit Woes

Pound sterling movement was provoked by a number of significant elements this week. The main instigators of the pound sterling movement included continual Brexit hearsay, the latest Bank of England statement and below par manufacturing figures. This weekend has also seen the leaked publication of the potential effects of Brexit on the economy which will […]
February 2, 2018
Mark Carney sterling GBP

Carney Lifts Sterling GBP with Positive Growth Outlook

The Pound enjoyed some much-needed support leading up to the Bank of England chairman Mark Carney delivering a speech at the economic affairs commission in London. Speaking on growth, inflationary measure and the ongoing matter of Brexit. The speech which was hosted at the house of lords in London covered economic affairs. UK growth positivity […]
December 16, 2017
Brexit pound value

The Pound Value Drops Against USD and Euro as 27 EU Nations Agree to Move to Phase Two of Brexit

Bizarrely the pound’s value dropped significantly as the EU formally approved the first round of EU and UK Brexit talks. The confirmation, therefore, signalling the second round of talks in the new year, with the road almost certainly leading to UK’s much-anticipated trade talks and single market access. The successful outcome of the first stage […]
August 6, 2017
London Pound Weakness

Carney’s Warning Over Brexit Uncertainties Sees Pound Weakness Prevail

The Pound continued down its slippery slope this week following the Bank of England’s Interest rate announcement and following statement. Rates remained on hold at 0.25% as many anticipated following more controlled inflation levels. However, the Pound weakness saw sterling hit lows last seen in 2011. Carney’s thoughts on key contributors to UK economic instability […]