February 4, 2019

Canadian Dollar Rises to 3 Month High as Oil Prices Rise And Gap Between Yields Narrow

The end of the week saw the Canadian Dollar gain further ground against the US dollar with oil prices and the gap between Canadian marketable bond and US treasury’s yields narrowing. The combination spurred the CAD/USD pair to a 3-month high. Despite recent warnings from Canadian economic data that demonstrated the economy had slowed in […]
December 10, 2018
Canadian dollar (CAD) notes from 5 to 100

Need Canadian Dollars? Everything You Need to Know about What Will Affect the CAD Rate

7 currencies account for over 80% of the volume of the forex market, and the Canadian dollar (known as the “Loonie” because of the appearance of a loon on the back of the C$1 coin as slang) is one of these major currencies, and is the fifth-most held currency as a reserve. The Canadian dollar’s […]
July 11, 2018
Canadian flag and skyscrapers

Canadian Dollar up Following June’s GDP Figure

The Canadian Dollar managed to shrug some trade and NAFTA driven pressure this week following the monthly GDP which showed good signs of life demonstrating 0.1% growth against the expected flat figure of 0.0%. The positive number added to the likelihood of a Canadian interest rate rise in July.
March 5, 2018

Canadian Dollar Tumbles as Trade Agreement Fears Continue and Growth Stutters

The Canadian Dollar continued to struggle against its US counterpart this week due to an array of circumstances that are widely outside of its control. The Loonie was hit hard due to the continuing lack of developments with the North American Trade Agreement negotiations, Trump’s new tariff announcements and Canada's Q4 GDP which saw growth miss expectations.
November 7, 2017
CAD exchange rates

CAD Exchange Rates Surge Following Employment Change

The CAD exchange rates picked up the pace on Friday following Canada's latest Employment change reading, pushing CAD to USD exchange rates to around 0.34%.