Great travel money deals

Forex News Shop are proud to collaborate with a number of online travel money companies in order to ensure the very best travel money deals for our readers and clients. When compared to banks, post offices and building societies the rates are extremely competitive and are subject to zero commission.

Airport currency collection

Our carefully selected partners offer the added convenience of being prominent in many major airports. Clients therefore can pre-book their foreign currency for swift collection before they fly.

Typically, major currencies need only be booked the day before. However, when reserving larger amounts of foreign currency or exotic currencies its advised to book further ahead to avoid disappointment.

Prepaid currency cards

Many of Forex News Shop’s travel money deal suppliers also offer the flexibility of a prepaid currency card. These cards are often a great way to safely take your holiday money overseas, in particular, if you have a long stay and needs lots of travel money.

The cards offered can be used in a very similar fashion to credit or debit cards however card fees are low or non-existent and travel money rates are greatly improved. Plus, in many cases, you have the advantage of knowing the exchange rate when you load your prepaid currency paid currency card.

Key benefits

– Currency delivery in 20 minutes
– Great travel money deals
– Low or free delivery cost
– Free collection at airport networks
– Free collection from network of Bureaux de Changes
– Favourable buyback offers
– Choice of Cash or loaded Prepaid currency cards

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